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Our Museum features two buildings filled with articles from around Calumet County that features things that hard working people used every day to make life just a little easier Free

Donating Pictures or Digital Images to the Calumet County Historical Society

Left to Right; Hazel Asher, Marlea Sharon, Emily Sharon, Ozias Sharon, Lillian Sharon, Granddaughter Georgia Asher, Gravesville, Wis

Donate the image, the story and the history and keep the picture

Have you ever gone into an antique store and seen a basket filled with old photos taken of people with no names and story connected? Those photos, names and stories are in the process of being lost. It is sad, but true, that stories and people can be lost in time. We at the Calumet County Historical Society are doing what we can to change this and bring the stories of the past into the present and future.


We are looking for photos that have stories so that we can preserve the memory of people, places and events in the county. We are currently looking to add photos to our archives; photos from the 1980ís or earlier. If you have pictures from parades, picnics, church and school events we could use your help.


You donít need to donate the photo itself. We are looking for digital images of people, buildings and events in Calumet County along with the stories and details that go with the photos. Take a picture of the image or scan it in the highest resolution possible, then email us the file and the story that goes with it. It is best if you email one photo and story at a time so that we can be as clear as possible on the details. If you are unable or unsure about how to do this, give us a call and we can talk you through it or scan it for you.

Click here to donate an image! Just attach the photo and tell the story!