We Can Use Your Help!

documenting what we have, all hands are appreciated.


Please call Terry at††††† 920-849-4042 or Mike at† 920-216-746.


You wonít believe how easy and maybe just a little fun it can be to help us!

Text Box: If you donít have the time to join another group or civic organization, but would still like to donate a few hours from time to time, we are your group! 

We have a lot going on, and frankly we could use your help. Whether it be cutting the grass, helping during Sunday museum hours, maintaining the museum or

Things we can use at the Museum

Items for the Documenting Process

 White or black zip ties

 Clear Garment Bags

 Boxes with lids (like those the paper reams come in) or Plastic containers about the same size

Museum open June-Sept Sundays 1:00-4:00

Museum Admission is Free!!

Calumet County Historical

Society Museum

Our Museum features two buildings filled with articles from around Calumet County that features things that hard working people used every day to make life just a little easier

What is the Documenting Project?

Text Box: a database for protection. This process will allow us to print up better tags, make the collection available online to members, and most importantly, it will allow us to know what we have in the collection. 

We have developed a simple process that allows anyone to help; with the thousands of objects we have that help is really needed to get the whole collection documented! 

Text Box: Many of the societyís objects were collected in the 1940ís through the 60ís; we do not know the history of a lot of our objects. Most what we know is on an old tag used by Dr Klofanda. The tags were created from left over medical documents. Some of the information was lost, or more likely, never collected. 

Through a grant from the CACF we have been able to purchase the best in class museum software. This has allowed us to start collecting what information we have and entering it into

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 Help cutting the grass†

 Helping during open hours at museum

 Help with the documenting process

 Help with small maintenance projects

 Help adding new tags to old items

 Order supplies from Amazon for us click here

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