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Society Museum

Our Museum features two buildings filled with articles from around Calumet County that features things that hard working people used every day to make life just a little easier Free

Museum open June-Sept Sundays 1:00-4:00

Museum Admission is Free!!

Genealogy & Research

Our Society was founded in 1967 with the mission of preserving and protecting objects once used by Calumet Countyís hard working people. To achieve this goal, a museum was built to display and store the items. In the last several years we have had a number of requests to supply information on the ancestry and people of Calumet County. We have tried, when possible, to help in this research. But we are not a research society and given that we are also a small, volunteer museum we just donít have the manpower or assets needed to trace ancestorís lives. This does not mean that we arenít willing to try to help but, honestly we arenít able to put many resources into the work.


Having said this, we do have some people in our membership that are willing to try to help if they can. We can take requests you have and send them out to our membership. When members have information, they will add details to help you on your genealogy quest. Our group is also starting to digitally document our objects and capturing names that is now searchable. If you see something that might help you please use the link below and let us know the Object # of the article. Our documentation is growing slowly, but steadily so stop back and check what we have.


We hope to be able to do more as we grow and get more people interested in helping, but at this time this is the best we can do ďSome societies have things to dust and some have things to file.Ē For the time being, we have a lot of dusting to do!

Click here to submit your genealogy question or request information on material that you have found in our collection.


Please note that if there are no result† in the search below that we will have any information available at this time.

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