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* Martha Winifred Sweet Bonfils

* 1922 Gold Class Ring Returned to Family! 

* WM Bechlem Tailor 

* Chilton’s Gargoyle

* The Wacky History of Spectro-Chrome Therapy 


* Chilton Schuetzenverein

* Chilton Post Office Mural

Chilton 1938

Here is a historic film the Chilton Kiwanis Club commissioned in order to show what Chilton and the surrounding areas were like in 1938. In nearly 90 minutes of film you will see people living a typical, small town life as it was lived just before World War II. It is hard to know if the Kiwanis of 1938 knew what they were doing to preserve Chilton history, but we do know that the Kiwanis of 1999 knew what they were doing when they spent their time and money to research the people and events in the film. They then added narration to the original silent film to bring it up -to-date for VHS and DVD copies. In 2015 many of these same Kiwanis members made another important decision to allow the Calumet County Historical Society to bring this film to you by way of our Website.  

The Early History of Brillion
From the Brillion Historical Society

In 2001 they made this collection of photos and narrated the history of Brillion in order to create a wonderful 13 minute video presentation. From this presentation, you will see Brillion develop from a place originally called Spring Creek, to the village of Brillion and finally to the City of Brillion.

Did you know that there is a wall paper collection called the “The Brillion Collection”? Learn more about this and everything Brillion has to offer at there museum

Online Museum Collection

For years we have been working hard to share our collection with more and more people, whether they be at the museum, on our web page

St. Mary’s Cemetery ChiltonWalk

In 2003 St. Mary Parish in Chilton celebrated its 125th anniversary . One of the events they held was a cemetery walk on June 15, 2003. The committee went to great lengths to portray former residents of Chilton by using costumes, props, and photos. These video vignettes into the lives of Chilton residents are packed with history and give you a glimpse into the lives, personalities and times in which these 21 people lived.

Bicycle Trip Around Lake Winnebago
by Langdon Divers

This is a story that Langdon Divers put together of pictures from of his bicycle trips around Lake Winnebago from the early 1920’s and then revisited in the 1980’s with then current photos of some of the same places and narrated my him. Most of the video takes place in Calumet County and visits Stockbridge Harbor, Calumet County Park, High Cliff State Park and the roller coaster at Waverly Beach.
This video is available at the Fond du Lac Public Library and is also home to the Langdon Divers Gallery that is names in his honor

James P Skarda
Apr. 27, 1923 - Oct. 22, 2017

These Scrapbooks Mr Skarda put together through the years.
Jim was a lifelong educator, mentor, and champion of students, teachers, and everyone he met. He knew everyone had a life story, and he was eager to hear it. He valued all people and found goodness in each and every one of them. Jim found the time to make everyone feel special while being humble himself. He never lost his love of learning, asking questions, or baseball.

Looking Back Articles 
From Herb Buhl


Old Photo Collection
by Herb Buhl

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